Home Before Dark - The Ruckus Theater
Berger Park Coach House

The greatest asset of Josh Sobel’s staging for the Ruckus is Will Wilhelm, whose sullen and hurting Sean is—in true teenager fashion—alternately sweet and exasperating.
— Zac Thompson, Chicago Reader
Goldberg’s play is frequently difficult to watch. As one discomforting scene after another concludes, the impulse to cry out to Sean, to tell him that everything will be okay as long as he trusts his instincts, becomes irrepressible. This is due in large part to Wilhelm, who is completely and unshakably present in Sean’s longing.
— Kevin Greene, Newcity Stage

RENT - Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

The show does feature some fine performances, most notably Will Wilhem’s star turn as the sweet, sassy cross-dressing Angel.
— Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader
Angel, the transsexual, [is] played to perfection by Will Wilhelm.
— Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago
Will Wilhelm did Angel proud, pulling off the sense that she could have pas-de-bourree’d right out of Roscoe’s at 3 AM with grace, gusto, and 6-inch heels.
— Erin Roche, PerformInk
Without a doubt, it is Will Wilhelm as the street percussionist drumming drag queen Angel who is the heart, soul and legacy of ‘Rent.’ Let me say that Angel’s death is handled beautifully – both visually and sensitively.
— Regina Belt-Daniels, Northwest Herald

Straight White Men - Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Will Wilhelm is hysterical as [they mingle] with the audience members, bringing smiles to many of their faces.
— Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

Jesus Christ Superstar - Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre
The No Exit Cafe

With the intimate, fiercely impassioned production of the musical that has just opened at Theo Ubique Cabaret Theater, everything has changed. I have finally seen the light (and the beauty) of this show. The Theo Ubique version not only captures the full meaning of the story, but brings a unique level of clarity and believability to it all as it homes in the personalities and motivations of its many larger-than-life characters... The performance of an ensemble whose clarion voices and onstage personae are of Biblical proportions has finally pierced the heart and soul of this show. This is a thrilling, altogether impressive rendering on every level.
— Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times
... and Will Wilhelm, whose Annas could tour with Lady Gaga, as is.
— Stephen Best, Times Square Chronicles
This Cast Makes ‘Superstar’ Sound New:
These days, what most people want to know before they head to “Jesus Christ Superstar” is if the cast can sing the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice score. And in the case of director Fred Anzevino’s new production, yes, they can.
— Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
Michael Ferraro’s Peter, Caleb Baze’s Simon and Will Wilhelm’s Annas each contributed yeomen performances making Theo Ubique’s Superstar a stellar production.
— Tom Williams, Chicago Critic
Other standouts in this cast are ... Will Wilhelm, whose purring and posturing make Annas as despicable as he is winsome.
— Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Bette, Live at the Continental Baths - Hell in a Handbag Productions
Mary's Attic

I will NEVER think of ‘Leader of the Pack’ in the same way again, after I heard Will Wilhelm’s rendition.
— Carol Moore, Spotlight on Lake
Jackson is capably backed by the Bathhouse Boys, T.J. Crawford and Will Wilhelm. In addition to being talented vocalists in their own right, the men provide cheeky humor (pun definitely intended) as Midler’s Ronettes for the newly GLBT-awakened 1970s. With their tiny towels and powerful voices, they ironically and attractively turn traditional nightclub misogyny on its ear, happy to service Queen M.
— Becky Sarwate, Edge Media Network
Eye candy
— Misha Davenport, Broadway World Chicago
— Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago
TJ Crawford and Will Wilhelm bring the house down with great sounds of [Bette’s] music and comic touches.
— Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

Peter and the Starcatcher - Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

[Ryan Hamman and Will Wilhelm] are very funny. A note about Wilhelm. I have seen [them] do some bits over time, but have never seen [them] tackle a role such as this one. [They are] fun to watch and I am in hopes [they] will continue to grow in our theater scene.
— Al Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

High Fidelity - Refuge Theatre Project
Refuge Records

The ability to slay in platform heels of Will Wilhelm.
— Ian Rigg, Chicagoland Musical Theatre
Refuge’s production succeeds largely on the strength of this ensemble, which deftly handles the material with really terrific voices. Calling any one of them out in particular would feel like a disservice to the others, as there isn’t a weak performer among them, and each one gets a chance to shine.
— Conor McShane, Chicago Stage Standard

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Rabid Bat Theatricals
Moody's Pub

In a rare but refreshing twist, it is the supporting cast of fairies and mechanicals (Beth Hyland, Justin Leider, Abby Pajakowski, Julia Rigby, Will Sonheim, and Will Wilhelm) who make the strongest impression ... The roles of the mechanicals are clearly defined by each of the performers, and the fairies are consistently engaged and engaging, whether they are playing a multitude of instruments and singing, taking on Shakespeare’s verse or simply marveling at the foolish mortals and feuding fairy royals.
— Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Stage Standard
By keeping the action fast, wild, and unexpected, investing in carefully choreographed clowning techniques, they avoid having multiple points of interest contending for our attention on the crowded terrace, preferring to set off a chain of explosives that snap our heads like meerkats, back and forth. These they cultivate in a petting-zoo of performances, like the bounding-off-the-walls antics of Bottom (Abby Pajakowski) and Peter Quince (Will Sonheim), or the lightning slick and saucy jiving of Snout (Will Wilhelm).
— Ben Kemper, Chicago Theatre Review